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If designed with deliberate thought games can become a powerful tool with the potential to engage people of various backgrounds and diverse profiles.

Depending on their goal games can be created for various purposes: to raise awareness, train competencies/skills, facilitate discussions, give knowledge, build a community, be a creative outlet – or simply to chill and relax. Methodologies deriving from games can be used to create engaging content such as workshops, classes, events, tourist attractions, and more.

LARP (live-action role-playing) is one of our core activities. It’s a truly immersive game built on improvisational roleplaying. We have been doing it since 2017 – going from participants to organizers. And we haven’t fallen out of love since!

”Whatever the need – a game can be made to achieve it!”

Tales of Erea

ToE is a wondrous fantasy world inspired by the Age of Exploration where sea legends might come alive. While primarily a LARP, this developing international community consists of games, creative workshops, fun challenges and events (in-person & online). The setting designed in pirate aesthetic deals with topics such as colonialism, beginnings of the global trade, piracy, religious battles, legends, exploration, and cultural clashes.

Filled with as many scoundrels as there is good folk, this vast world is buzzing with noble causes, riches, and insatiable appetites. Can ya hear the call of the unknown?

Find out what awaits ya there!

Discover other games

Pirate’s Dilemma

A simple and beginner-friendly role-playing (LARP) game designed to give a taste of a pirate’s life while training the player in the skill of improvisation. This print & play game is designed for groups of 4-5 players and is highly replayable.

Get what U see

A video game that won the Best Game award on the Serious Game Jam. This first-person puzzle game was created with a serious aspect in mind and is a product of collaborative effort. Its development continues.

The Midsummer’s tale

This puzzle-solving game is designed to be played in a forest on Midsummer’s eve and tells a story of an enthralling mystery inspired by folk tales. It is highly driven by player input and contains live interactable characters. Appropriate for both kids and adults.


A casual pirate-themed game is similar to Mafia/Werewolf/Killer with an original twist. Created for the Discord online platform, but can also be played live. This game requires at least 6 players. Roleplay is optional.

Treasure Hunt

A city game that gave outside walks a purpose during a nationwide lockdown – while keeping it safe for all involved. The social media campaign enabled a space for creative participation and social connections.

Hand-crafted games

Every so often a new small board game is crafted as a supportive item for the LARP or workshop events.

What is LARP?

”Ever conjured up magic before? Met an orc? How about shaking hands with a vampire? Or maybe had a 5 o’clock tea with a queen?”

LARP is an improvisational game where people create characters and bring them to life – through the use of role-playing, storytelling, costume design, scenography, etc. Usually played in a private setting (forests, castles, etc.), the game is played without any scripts, only improvisation – the main goal being the player’s immersion. In LARP there are no winners – it’s a cooperative storytelling experience.

It feels like stepping into a moviebut better. It’s happening all around you and it’s all yours to interact with! The environment, props, plots … no audience, only players are allowed onto the scene. Usually produced for adults, it can also be made for children and teenagers.

There are many different styles and flavors but the main reason why LARP is such a great tool is its core component – an inclusive environment built on consent and trust.

LARP is the reason why we started designing games. It’s also how we first saw the potential games have for educational purposes. And the feedback we’ve gotten makes us convinced LARP methodology is an amazing tool for designing interactive, safe, and deeply motivational entertaining and educational content, that addresses all kinds of topics in an impactful & innovative way.

Wanna play a game?

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