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About us

We are a network of people whose passion lies in role-playing, games, storytelling, design, art, and learning by doing approach (also known as experiential learning).

Our aim is to create educational and entertaining activities that have the power to address both fun & serious topics through the use of experiential, adventure-based & hands-on learning methods.

We are currently focusing on growing our skill-set, developing local game community, taking people on international adventures, designing games & tools, and creating our first partnerships!

😁 💪 😎

Our people

Anja Lotte Kastelic

Co-founder, designer & cognitive scientist

The quirky believer in playfulness who aims to create meaningful experiences that empower people to step out of their comfort zones & grow through hands-on adventures.

Valentina Mandzhieva

Co-founder & artist

The energetic artist who brings good vibes into whatever she works on and is always ready for action. She gladly shares her artistic skills and cares deeply about inclusion and diversity.

Nives Osvald

Game designer & Tao Face Yoga coach

The creative Tribal Fusion dancer who aspires to connect games with educational purposes. She is one of the key people within the organization due to her passion, great attitude, and valuable experience.

Bibi Erjavec

Artist & scientist

The up and coming illustrator who loves combining art with science and other funky and intriguing elements in their many projects spanning from animation to comics, sculptures, character development and games.

Saglara Mandzhieva


The freediving champion who has experience in journalism, management, marketing, event management, and other key fields is always happy to help and give advice.

Our organization

Zavod EREA is a non-profit organization established in July of 2021 based in Slovenia (EU).

People behind Zavod EREA have been participating in Erasmus+ projects and LARP (live-action role-playing games) from 2017 onwards. Throughout these years, we went from participants to co-creators and leaders gaining valuable skills, experience, knowledge, and connections with fellow local and European organizations.

ID card

Established2021 (Slovenia, EU)
Erasmus+ certification
Erasmus+ Organisation ID number (OID)E10280002
Tax number (slo: davčna št.)29290058
Identification number (slo: matična št.)8910898000
Bank account number (IBAN)SI56 3300 0001 1069 825 (Addiko Bank)

Our adventures
(so far)

Throughout the past events & projects, we have met many wonderful people from all over Europe (map color: turquoise). Some we already visited through joint projects (map color: dark blue) and some remain to be explored!

Sweden, Germany, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Russia, North Cyprus, Ukraine, Malta, Italy, France, Ireland

Want in on the action?

We can always use more ‘hands-on the deck’ in our team, so don’t hesitate to join our existing opportunities or to contact us with ideas, visions, trainings and opportunities. We (usually) don’t bite 🙂

Preglov trg 3
Ljubljana 1000